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Just imagine…

  • A national college fraternity for sober students with chapter houses located on or adjacent to major university campuses across the nation.
  • Full and part-time college students who enthusiastically embrace a drug-free and alcohol-free lifestyle, living together and supporting one another in recovery.
  • An energetic community of students, thriving socially, academically and in their recovery from addiction – as an accepted and ordinary part of mainstream college life.

Does this vision seem a little far-fetched?

It’s closer than you think. In fact, it’s happening right here and right now in Austin’s West Campus neighborhood – just steps from the University of Texas, Austin. Alpha 180 is proud to provide an unmatched opportunity for highly motivated young adults in early recovery to launch or to resume their college career in a safe and supportive setting.

Decades of firsthand experience with young adults in early recovery have brought this vision to life for me. As the founder of Jaywalker Lodge, a transitional recovery program for men in Western Colorado, I have been lifted up by the resilient spirit and transcendent joy of the sober brotherhood that has evolved over the past 12 years in and around our little community in the mountains.

By engaging with our local community – as workers, as part-time students, and as volunteers – Jaywalker residents have not only managed to stay sober, they have forged lifelong friendships and achieved life goals in recovery.

What I have learned over the years is simply this: Do not underestimate the upside of sober young adults with a common call to purpose. In fact, if you hold space for this community, set the bar high, stay busy, and expect excellence…  Watch out – you will be amazed!

Our guiding principles and an abiding conviction that all things are possible in recovery has brought us to the doorstep of UT, Austin. It is here we hold space for inspired students to realize their dreams – a place where our community will thrive socially, academically and in our recovery. Welcome to each of the motivated young adults who will spearhead our efforts in Alpha 180’s flagship chapter; and whose pioneering commitment to campus recovery will one day pave the way for a brotherhood and sisterhood of sober students on college campuses from coast to coast.

This party’s just getting started.

Bobby Ferguson, Founder, and Executive Director


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