The Sober Scene in ATX

The city of Austin is a vibrant and active place, where one can find almost any activity or type of restaurant they can think of. There are many reasons why it’s estimated that between 150 and 250 people are moving here every single day! Austin hosts huge events such as South by Southwest, our two-week long music, and media festival, and Formula One racing. From a Japanese-Texan fusion restaurant, where you can get deep fried chili-smothered octopus fritters, to one of the top universities in the entire nation, Austin has it all. It’s the city’s eccentricity and variety of unique experiences that make Austin such a desirable place to be
In many ways, Austin’s recovery culture mirrors the larger picture of life in this beautiful city. Recovery in Austin is lively, robust, spirited, and eccentric. In short, there is something for everyone in Austin’s sober scene. Newcomers to recovery are often reminded to “get in the middle of the pack”; a euphemism to say that it’s important to find a recovery community where you can feel like you belong and contribute. Nowhere is that easier to do than in Austin’s recovery scene.

Within the larger framework of recovery in Austin is a myriad of smaller communities of every type. There are over a hundred recovery meetings in Austin every single day.  If you are inspired by meetings with hundreds of people of all backgrounds taking turns to share their experience, strength, and hope, we’ve got that. If you’re like me and prefer smaller, more intimate meetings we’ve got plenty of those too.  We’ve got young people’s meetings, newcomer meetings, men’s, women’s, late night, and early morning meetings. Most importantly, and stemming from all these recovery meetings, are the countless ways that we live life together.

After all, all of these recovery meetings and “getting into the middle of the pack” is a means to an end rather than an end in themselves. They are part of a foundation that enables us to live meaningful, productive, and satisfying lives together. Get plugged into Austin’s recovery community and you will never lack for something to do. There are sober softball tournaments, movie nights, concerts, camping trips, and holiday parties of every type. I am one of many who can say that they found some of their best friends in the world in recovery communities here in Austin, Texas. People that we can connect with on a shared life and death struggle, and then go on to grow together and live life together, experiencing all that recovery and the city of Austin has to offer. In no place is one of my favorite quotes from a recovery text truer than in the sober scene of Austin, Texas – “the most satisfactory years of your existence lie ahead”.

By Austin Herrmann | Residential Case Manager

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