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Alpha 180 exclusively serves full and part-time college students with a commitment to sobriety. We provide recovery and academic case management, working collaboratively with students to safely navigate college in early recovery. Alpha 180 is a program for motivated young adults who are ready to live, thrive, and pursue major life goals in sobriety.

Because we are a community of student peers who depend upon one another for support, the Alpha 180 admissions process is focused on identifying candidates who will not only stay sober, but will learn to thrive in this unique environment. Specifically, we are seeking full and part-time college students who are motivated, committed, and passionate about their recovery.

Alpha 180 students have made a deeply personal decision to return to college because they want it. Our sober students are not perfect, but they are willing to follow guidelines and takes suggestions. Appropriate candidates for this program are clinically stable, fully detoxed, and fully committed to long-term abstinence-based sobriety. Students in our recovery residence must commit to living at Alpha 180 for a minimum of one full semester.

Alpha 180 Admission Requirements

  • Student applicants must be 18 or over and have 90 days of documented sobriety prior to admission into our student sober living.
  • Candidates for admission are asked to provide a letter of reference and/or a referral from their counselor or case manager.
  • Applicants will undergo a pre-admissions interview (in person or via telephone); and each must submit an essay outlining his/her goals in recovery and higher education.

For more information or to speak with our Recovery Services Director, please contact Nico Doorn at (919) 606-7392. 


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