Having Fun in Recovery


Having Fun in Recovery

I remember it like it was yesterday when I walked into my first recovery meeting. I was 18 years old, a senior in high school, and I was completely broken. I was convinced that my life was over and that I was doomed to a life of boredom. However, I really wanted to get sober and was willing to sacrifice having fun to stay sober. I just figured that there was no way to have fun sober because I associated fun with using substances. I failed to realize that the last year of my using was everything but fun.

A few weeks into my recovery, I met this young guy and I remember saying, “I’m really glad to be sober but what do you guys do for fun around here?” He started telling me about all these events, road trips, and concerts that he was attending. I remember this interaction as a turning point in my recovery. This interaction established a friendship that revolved around living in recovery and having a lot of fun in the process.

Since then, I have traveled all across the world, skydived, attended concerts and music festivals across the nation, and skied on mountains in Utah. I also have learned how to have fun with things that I use to take for granted. For example, spending time with family or having a good conversation with a friend. My experience has shown me that I didn’t have to sacrifice having fun to remain sober.

Connor Bowie, MSW

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