Finding the Courage to Further my Education

Finding the Courage to further my education

My whole life I struggled not only socially but academically as well. I could never seem to find my way. The same thing came true for me when it came to school I always wanted to get good grades but couldn’t seem to muster the necessary efforts to be successful in college.

When I first had the thought that I needed to get sober or I wouldn’t be around much longer it set off chain events that I never once deemed possible. I always sold myself short I didn’t believe in myself, more importantly, I had given up on the dreams I had as a young boy. I finally got sober in December of 2012 and my life has been nothing short of miraculous. I spent much time just focusing on recovery and being rigid and robotic while it served its purpose it got to a place of no longer doing so.

I was happy and content with the job I had, living paycheck to paycheck. I could never seem to wrap my head around what’s next on the plate. I didn’t have the family dynamic of parents to push me to keep learning or striving for greatness. My sister has been encouraging me to go back to school since I got sober but I kept buying the lie that it’s not for me or I can’t do it or the best one yet I’m not smart enough, something I had been telling myself since I was young.

At 5 years sober and just settling for sobriety I was lucky enough to be encouraged by my new boss to go back to school, It was more of a requirement, but I’m grateful for it I am. I wish someone had been harder on me about not settling for life as I had known it.

The process was still uncomfortable requesting my transcripts from my previous attempt at Johnson & Wales University was a bit scary because I didn’t know what to expect. I have finally picked my course plan and I am excited to start this phase of my journey.

The same simple foundational requirements that serve me in recovery have now propelled me into College. Honesty, Open-mindedness, and willingness.

Stay tuned for my updates on how college is going.

Jordan Mills
Community Relations Manager


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